Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cafe Eighty Eight

You just have to check out this funky cafe on Maunganui Road! Hence the name, it is located at number 88, downtown Mount Maunganui.

Excellent service is combined with a welcoming atmosphere, and outstanding coffee!

It attracts a variety of customers, from mothers and their little ones, to the eclectics from the city centre.

Cafe from the street

Their yummy home-made sweets

Quaint Cafe
FaceBoard fun for customers
**All photos from Cafe Eight Eight's Facebook page**

Friday, June 10, 2011


If you haven't checked out Nes clothing store, now is the time!! They have moved from Alexander Street to 291 Barton Street, Hamilton, with a massive new store complete with their NZ designers working out the back of the shop!

Went in the other day to catch up with Candice Warren (Nes Manager) and have a look at all of the goodies in their new shop! The bigger store makes their boutique range stand out even more, with styles and colours to make any of us girls want to splurge!

From In Between Dreams/Summer Collection 2010/2011

From In Between Dreams/Summer Collection 2010/2011

Sweet combo with the boots and scarf
From Autumn/Winter LookBook 2011

Check out their Autumn/Winter LookBook 2011 here and like them on Facebook to keep up with their latest gear!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This place is major!

Major Toms has got to be one of my favourite and most-loved bars ever!

Situated in the hub of the Mount Maunganui township, this bar is like a vintage-dream, with everything you have ever loved all brought together in one beautiful place...

From floral couches, to tattered books, and upside-down lampshades...this place really has it all.

Wine, beer, coffee, tea...order what you like and enjoy the atmosphere and laid-back service.

A sweet place for music gigs also!

(Photos from Major Toms website)

(Photos from Flickr)

Monday, June 6, 2011

First Thursdays! 2 June 2011

First Thursdays! is an amazing arts, crafts, design and music market held on K-Road, Auckland NZ.

Managed by Cleo Barnett, First Thursdays! was inspired by her vision to bring this Seattle based event to New Zealand.

Creatives from all over New Zealand can come together to showcase their stuff, and enjoy a good evening mingling with like-minded people!

They run on the first Thursday of every month, definitely make a point to go and check them out!

(Photo by Foxes on Flickr)

Me checking out Cheek Pinchy goodies
(Photo by Foxes on Flickr)

Tiny Space - 22B Cross St Auckland
(Photo by First Thursdays!)
Four Five One Books
(Photo by Foxes on Flickr)
Gorgeous bows by
Hunter Gatherer
(Photo by Foxes on Flickr)